CT Games

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Bucket Dice - You get 5 painted or stained dice with the holes drilled into the wood. The edges of the dice are rounded a bit for rolling action.  Score sheets have been created for different types of combinations of dice that can get scored.  It allows you to compete against another person using the same score card. Laminated sheets for any type of  weather.  Game is designed for 2-4 players.

Royal Flush comes in two sizes 2 inch for the table and 4 inch for the ground.  If you like poker then you are going to be amazed at this game. The ultimate goal is to get the most points with your set of flush dice... but be on the look out for the flush symbol as he can flush your score down the toilet. 

Gone Fishin Game

This game is sure to beat the rest, it is versatile.  There are three ways to play.  It can be a building game, drinking game and an active movement game all in one or separate.  Directions for all three are included with purchase.
Large version on the left is made from 2x4. Small version is on the right made with 2x3 boards. All hand sanded smooth for ease of movement.

Looking for connect four for outdoors we can create one that is three feet, four feet high, or taller for different heights of players.  

Coin Mania is the most fun.  The game is to bounce a quarter off of the table and get it into the hole but look out if the second board catches up then you will have to bounce through double holes.  Many designs available. 

Ladder Ball created with sets of bolas to use.  Each pole has markings for scoring. Easy removal of base for storage.
Bola colors to choose from include:
green, gold, yellow, red, blue, purple, pink, orange, black, and silver. When ordering you will choose two color choices for the bolas. It comes with three of each color. Game is designed for 2-6 players. First to 21 wins.
        Game of Three
Each person sets up three pennies, nickels, dimes or more... if you are high stakes players. The dice let you know what to do with your money. You are never out until your out.  Place an order today to start this fun filled experience. It is a fast moving game.

Who can save pete

Pete was out fishing on the lake and fell over the side of his boat...Pete can't swim!!!

Use the life preservers to help save Pete. Throw them over his right arm, this will save Pete.

Your littlest in the home will love this game. Promotes eye hand coordination.

That's right the best in Washer Wars is here. You can have one fleet or up to eight fleets in a tournament of wars to see how many ships you can peg out.  This is a really challenging game of skill.  The fleets come in eight different colors. 

Washer wars is  packaged for travel to your destination of play. Also for easy storage.

Fleet includes Five ships, frame, marker, pegs, and washers. 

Want to play catch but there's no one to throw?

Want to pitch a few golf balls but there's no where to go?

Well then, you need a Catch Buddy. It works with Frisbees, disc golf, baseballs, softballs, golf balls and so much more.

Catch Buddy transforms itself for all of these types of actions... you can see in the photo it is set up for throwing into. Then on the lower images you can see it is set up for golf or even a soccer ball to practice aim.

Order your Catch Buddy today.